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The Carl H. Clatterbuck Agency provides a wide array of professional private detective services to clients worldwide. When you contract with us, you can count on accurate and discreet information to help expedite and successfully close your case.

As a licensed and bonded private detective agency in the State of Michigan with nearly 30 years of experience, we are proud to have a 95-percent-plus success rate in working thousands of cases. Our diligence and success have enabled us to provide private investigative services in more than 12 states and worldwide, and we’re still expanding.

Please take the time to scroll through each of our private detective services. We make every effort to give clients what they want; sometimes, more. So, call us today and let us help with your investigative needs.

Services in detail

utilizing gps for investigation

  • Locates or missing persons – We help locate birth parents, adopted children, and other missing people worldwide.
  • Personal injury investigations – Our services include working for both the plaintiff and defense. We are extremely experienced in handling larger actions involving product liability and other cases that result in significant injury.
  • Criminal defense – We work all phases of criminal investigations, including interviewing witnesses, creating timelines, locating witnesses, corroborating alibis and much more.
  • Background checks – Our services include background checks for large corporations, legal firms, businesses, the highest-ranking corporate officers, and other individuals, as well as for the opposing side’s witnesses.
  • Asset investigations – We locate real property, vehicles, boats, airplanes, bank account information, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets, both domestically and internationally.
  • Divorce, child custody – Our services include surveillance, interviewing witnesses and divorce court testimony.
  • Employee theft – We investigate crimes that sometimes involve millions of dollars in losses, and more.
  • Embezzlement – Our services include investigating all type of appropriating or secreting assets, including at all levels of corporate hierarchy.
  • Fraud – We investigate identify theft, one of the biggest concerns in the 21st century, as well as specialize in the recovery of stolen goods and more.
  • Trademark infringement – Our services include locating individuals guilty of using other people’s trademark for monetary gain or otherwise. We specialize in tracking down individuals who are obtaining products outside the licensing agreement.
  • Bug sweeps/counter-surveillance – We are qualified experts in counter-surveillance, able to travel to your home, business or hotel room to search for covert listening and video devices utilizing the most up-to-date equipment. We search for wired, wireless and infrared transmitters and receivers.
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We are committed to providing competitive rates within all aspects of our private detective agency. Please contact us for details.

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