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The Carl H. Clatterbuck Agency was founded in 1984 by Carl Clatterbuck, who had a vision of providing premier private detective services to a wide range of clients. Nearly three decades later, the Clatterbuck Agency continues to be a top choice for law firms, businesses, corporations and individuals throughout the US and around the world. The Clatterbuck Agency, licensed and bonded in the State of Michigan (License No. 3701200132), prides itself on providing accurate and discreet information to its clients. Utilizing the most modern technology and one-on-one personal attention, the agency has built a rock-solid reputation for its ability to handle any case, no matter how large or small.

Unique, Educational Background

Under the direction of Mr. Clatterbuck, the agency has successfully completed thousands of cases in more than a dozen U.S. states and worldwide. Specializing in high-profile criminal defense cases, the Clatterbuck Agency has helped resolve cases involving multiple homicides, missing persons, white-collar crimes, and many other illegal activities through the years.

A native of Virginia, Mr. Clatterbuck brings a versatile professional and academic background to the private detective profession. A current resident of Michigan, Mr. Clatterbuck has lived and worked around the U.S., including stops in the West and on the East coast.

Mr. Clatterbuck earned a Bachelor's Degree in English at the University of Michigan, and an MFA from the University of Montana. Borrowing from a variety of disciplines, Mr Clatterbuck's experience ranges from teaching at both the high school and college levels to working as a reference librarian. Combined with his journalistic pursuits, he has interviewed literally thousands of people. His most recent college teaching experience was a series of classes in the techniques of interviewing and investigation.

Complete effort, every time

Organized and detail-specific, Mr. Clatterbuck always has dedicated himself to working an entire case, from beginning to end. His professional practices have qualified him to give testimony as an expert witness in numerous jurisdictions.

A licensed glider pilot and nationally-published writer, Mr. Clatterbuck continues to work some of the highest-profile cases in Michigan, and around the U.S. and overseas. His outstanding work ethic and success have been profiled frequently by local, state, national and international media outlets.

Ever committed to investigative excellence, Mr. Clatterbuck works diligently with clients and for justice worldwide.